Sharpie Hits the Mark

Who hasn’t used a Sharpie marker? Whether labeling something in black permanent marker or decorating something special in a rainbow of colors, Sharpie is everything from super useful to wonderfully creative.

The consumer marketing strategy behind Sharpie’s new interactive website,, takes the use of Sharpie markers to a whole new level.

From showcasing creativity on office nameplates to Surfboards to even a BMW, consumer engagement is taken to the next level with a celebration of the product and brand. With links to content on Flickr and YouTube, a Facebook Fanpage, @SharpieSusan on Twitter, and a corporate Blog, there are plenty of ways for consumers to showcase their creations and be reminded just how awesome Sharpies are.

Have you seen the new Stainless Steel Permanent Marker? Authors have been using them at book signings and celebrities have been using them to sign autographs. Who knew you could show some bling with a Sharpie for the low price of 5.99?

Consumer-driven marketing is always going to win. Sharpie has taken a seemingly simple, unglamorous product and turned the perception around to create an innovative, creative product line. It’s a brand that people are not just talking about; Sharpie enthusiasts are now engaged in a community revolving around creativity, inspiration and innovation.

–Brandi Heinz


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