We’ve all heard of the elements that make a video commercial a good one. The checklist reads: it should speak to the audience, it shouldn’t be too long, it should be well produced. It should be informative and indicate a clear call to action. Good music and impressive visuals are an important part of the package. And yes, all those things are important but there is one thing truly universal that has immense power to impact audiences: Emotion!


Here are our pick of 5 video commercials that have perfectly captured emotion and created a memorable ad film:


#BestBuds by Budweiser


What I like about this Budweiser ad is how it captures a unique and beautiful relationship. It talks about friendship in a way that no one has before, and makes it memorable.


#WorldsToughestJob by American Greetings


This is possibly one of my favourite campaigns. it speaks to what is possibly the most meaningful relationship is our lives. It also does a great job of balancing humour and emotion, keeping it light and funny for the most part with the emotion introduced toward the end.


Reunion by Google


Google is a brand that needs no advertising, especially not for it’s search engine. This Indian ad (If you don’t speak hindi, turn on the English subtitles) is a real tear-jerker that reveals a more human side to the brand and tells us how meaningfully it is able to serve its users.


#MostShockingSecondADay, by Save The Children


This ad by non-profit organization Save The Children talks about refugee children in Syria and shows a brutally honest picture of a little girls life. It’s one-second-a-day format makes it extremely gripping to watch and tells a very impactful story.


Amazon Prime


This commercial by Amazon prime smoothly advertises amazon’s one click feature using the two things human emotions are most affected by: babies and dogs. It might be hard to hit an emotional chord in less than 40 seconds – but Amazon does it!


Do you have a personal favorite ad that struck an emotional chord for you? Tell us about it!

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