Meet the new Vitamin IMC Team!

Meet the new Vitamin IMC Team!

Hello, fellow Wildcats! Can you believe January is over? First quarter WHAT? For those of us who still remember it like it was yesterday – congratulations, we did it! That was INTENSE to say the least. But hey, we are back at it, fresher than ever and still standing (despite the cold weather).

In Vitamin IMC news – we are excited to introduce our new team! But first, a big shoutout to Ann, Sylvia and Daisy for passing the baton to us.


Here’s a little something about our family:

Name: Gayatri

Title: Editorial Director

Why IMC?

My work experience has been diverse – from content strategy to food photography to digital communications at a non-profit. As you may guess, I lean creative! After working in marketing for a short while, i figured it’s time to give my work experience the structure of a formal education. So far it’s been incredible, especially the wonderful people I’ve met in my class and of course, the beautiful Northwestern campus!


Name: Sanjana Simon

Title: Social Media Director

Why IMC?

My undergrad degree was a broad spectrum of all things digital media related. I worked for two years in marketing and realized that I wanted to learn more and hone my skills as a marketer. When I discovered the IMC program, I was so happy that it had so many different specializations, where you can really pick and choose the path you want to go down. So far, it’s been a great journey and is only getting better!

Name: Sheryl Zheng

Title: Content Director

Why IMC?

I came from a Finance background, but discovered my passion towards marketing while working for a marketing consulting agency. We worked on a market segmentation project for the top dairy company in China. I loved both how we built models for our segments and how we developed personas to profile them – the combination of art and science. And this was what brought me to IMC!


We have a lot of exciting content coming your way and we need YOUR help! If you are interested in writing an article for the blog, whether it’s IMC or marketing news, e-mail us at

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