Happy International Women’s Day!

Who run the world? Let’s hear a unanimous ‘GIRLS’!

Women’s Day campaigns all over the world are empowering girls and women everywhere. But once in a while, a campaign stands out that is simple yet brings across a strong message that revolutionizes the way a society thinks about a situation. Here are four Women’s Day campaigns from different parts of the world, executed using different forms of media but follow one single ethos: Girls, run this world!

1. Microsoft: #MakeWhatsNext (2016):
One would not expect a tech giant such as Microsoft to actively seek Women’s Day as an event to build brand presence and follow suit as other CPG products do of creating an empowering campaign. When Satya Nadella stepped up as the new CEO of the company in 2016, he brought with him a new mission and motto to the company: to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. With this in mind, watch the heartfelt campaign that the company released on Women’s Day 2016:

Not only is this ad empowering to girls and women everywhere but also highlights the importance of education. Involving kids from different diversities brings about a great sense of community that Microsoft stands for. Through the #MakeWhatsNext integrated campaign, Microsoft has been able to create a platform for women to find success in the field of STEM thereby creating a quantifiable impact.

2. Cape Times: Print Happy Women’s Day (2001):
In Jan, 2011 Cape Times, South Africa dedicated their entire front page paying homage to all the women in sports through this masterpiece:













This creative drives home a strong point of unequal gender representation in a country that has bred some of the world’s greatest athletes. A simple ad with a powerful message that instantly evokes a feeling of remorse at the state of affair and back in 2001 was a bold statement to make.

3) L’Oréal Paris: My First Women’s Day (2016):
L’Oréal Paris is a brand with a global presence and has successfully incorporated some of the most loved celebrities in their campaigns world over. So, when it sought out to transform their brand perception to one that empowers women and stands for equal rights for all, they chose a market that was challenging to say the least. Though beautiful and warm, Brazil was a country that was male dominated with the highest rate of domestic violence against women and transgender people. In this scenario, L’Oréal Paris launched their ad “My First Women’s Day”. Take a look here:

A few things work well for this campaign: showcasing an ordinary woman and not a celebrity creates an instant connect with the audience. The ad begins like any other L’Oréal ad and then ends with the big reveal and the message that beauty comes from within. The brand did not introduce a new tagline for just this one campaign, instead used their legendary tagline “worth it”.

4) State Street Global Advisors’ Fearless Girl (2017):
When McCann and State Street Global Advisors’ placed the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue in front of the famous Wall Street bull, there was a cheer for the success of women everywhere. The golden statue represents the rise of women in leadership and gender diversity in business. A simple gesture, that embodies a powerful message that has been hallmarked forever. Watch the video of how it was made here:



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