Leadership Team


Creative Director & Team Leader:

Daisy Sun |       

Daisy recently moved to Evanston from Los Angeles, where she graduated from University of Southern California. There, she worked at The Mill in the fields of VFX, advertising, and marketing. Passionate about branding and visual design, she endeavors to lead a rebranding revolution for VIMC–bringing on engaging industry-related content and tasteful visual design to the blog.



Social Media Director: 

Ann Cheng | 

Ann is deeply fascinated by how content interacts with audiences in the world of social media. She previously worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific for the past 3 and half years, now she is ready to bring her experiences from more than 35 digital campaigns to fire up the content and social media marketing for Vitamin IMC! In her free time, she likes to play tennis and is a big fan to watch movies and documentaries!



Social Media Director: 

Sylvia Chen |

Sylvia graduated from the University of California, Irvine, where she majored in Film Studies and Business Economics. Her interests lie in the global media and entertainment industry, as well as social media and digital marketing. She is delighted to be on the Vitamin IMC team where she can contribute her digital media production skills and knowledge of content creation, in order to fully support Vitamin’s multimedia marketing activities. In Sylvia’s spare time, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and trying foods from around the world.



Editorial Director: 

Lainey Fox |    

Lainey is a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida. Having majored in Advertising and Public Relations, she’s ready to explore other realms of marketing with particular interests in communications, CSR, and branding. A big advocate for student involvement, Lainey is excited to get involved with Vitamin IMC and spark industry-relevant conversation amongst her peers.



Video Producer: 

Josean Hill |  

Josean graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, majoring in Communications and specializing in Broadcasting. His interest in content has driven him to Medill and Vitamin IMC. Being driven by the engagement of multimedia and the power of brands, Josean looks to dive in the world of Marketing.



Faculty Advisor:

Randy Hlavac | 

Randy Hlavac is a lecturer in the Medill IMC department and teaches Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing. He teaches his classes to use the most sophisticated social monitoring and management systems while building actual social and mobile marketing strategies for companies throughout the world. Hlavac is also a faculty advisor for Vitamin IMC and is the director of the Medill IMC OmniChannel Initiative, which trains students to market in a real-time world.


Vitamin Alumni

Editorial Director: Alyssa Kincaid | @Alyssa__Kincaid
Content Director: Sophie Wang | @philasophie_w
Social Media Director: Cindy Yawen Yang | @Yawen_Yang
Social Media Director: Yinmiao Yu

Editorial Director: Davi Griffin | @davigriffin
Content Director: Ashley Farrow | @ashfarrow
Social Media Director: Elizabeth Bartek | @lizzardbartek
Social Media Director: Bianca Harris | @biancamharris

Editorial Director: Betsy King | @bking27
Social Media Director: Leigh Lovett | @leighlovettpr
Social Media Director: Pedro Chira| @pedrochira
Community Outreach: Laura Mason | @Laura_A_Mason
Assistant Editor: Susan Butler | n.a.


CLASS OF 2012:

Editorial Director: Bethany Spencer | @thewiffles
Content Director: William Mattiace | @vwwilliam
Social Media Director: Rachel Nelson | @_raeeeee


CLASS OF 2011:
Editorial Director: Kaylene Riemen | @kaylenerieman
Publicity Director Online Initiatives: Carrie Griffith | @carriegriffith
Publicity Director Offline Initiatives: Monica Heckman | @monicaheckman

Social Media DirectorAnneMahoney | @agmahoney
Editorial Director: AshleyGraves | @ashleygraves
Managing Director: DanielHindin | @danielhindin
Content & Strategy Director: JohnnySchroepfer | @jschrep
Visual Communications Manager: BradleyMild | @bradmild
Professional Speaker Series Liaison: SusanMonahan | @susyqmonahan

Managing Director/Co-Founder: StacyCohen
Managing Director/Co-FounderMarinaMolenda

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